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Why Every Home Needs Backup Power

Portable power solutions may seem like the domain of outdoor enthusiasts, but homeowners are increasingly discovering that backup power solutions lend a helping hand around the house. From home improvement projects to emergency preparation, equipping your home with backup power gives your family reassurance in the face of unexpected challenges. 

Solar-charged Lithium power stations can backup essential circuits in your home to power through short and long-term power outages. With this year’s excessive heat warnings and power grid failures, it has become evident that having a form of backup power can be a necessity. Compact power solutions can power small appliances and electronics, and can also power life-supporting medical devices that typically run on AC power.

While the weight of larger power generators may prove to be a drawback, smaller stations like the ROCKSOLAR product lineup pack a lot of power into ultra-portable, lightweight units. With products ranging from a 2lb 80W station to a 400W station weighing only 11lbs, ROCKSOLAR has the perfect power backup for your home. Not only are these power stations simple to store under a bed for when you need it, but they retain their charge for up to 6 months, ensuring you have a charge when you need it. Keep your station charged using the AC power adapter, or during emergencies, power up with a solar panel, or charge with the included in-vehicle adapter. 

Charging phones, laptops, fans, lights, refrigerators, CPAP devices and more, these portable power stations provide a safe, affordable, and reliable power source for your family in the event of a major outage. A proactive purchase will allow your family to react quickly and power your lives, even when the power is out. Consider ROCKSOLAR – portable power for peace of mind. 

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