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Hiring Diverse Talent Is Key in the Business World of Today

Many companies and well-known brands have experienced marketing failure by releasing offensive advertising campaigns. It’s more obvious than ever before that companies must hire diversified professionals who can identify and challenge business decisions that may negatively impact the brand.

Getting a better understanding

Companies must begin to dig deep to understand cultural differences among diverse candidates. In this way they may identify qualified professionals who may not look, act or speak like most of the staff or the hiring manager. This is what diversity is all about — establishing an employee pool where diversity of thought and opinion are valued and not dismissed.  

Companies who seek to improve their bottom line results through diversity should develop a thorough and executable talent acquisition strategy. There are talented, diverse candidates, especially at the MBA level, who have the experience and skills to lead and transform teams and organizations. Hiring managers must be willing to move outside of traditional sourcing avenues to find diverse talent. Partnering with professional development organizations whose mission is to advance black professionals is paramount. The National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA), includes thousands of diverse members who range from young professionals to experienced executives. Many companies have successfully secured great candidates through this association’s annual Conference and Career Fair, where over 300 leading Fortune 500 companies recruit diverse talent at all levels every year. By whatever method, a company’s talent acquisition strategy should be robust and include onboarding and training roadmaps.

For prospective graduate students

For the student who is considering attending graduate school, it is important to ensure that they are competitively positioned by using resources while in undergraduate school to determine the best track for career success. It is key to plan for the GMAT well in advance and understand all the resources available to help with test preparation. Based on a recent study commissioned by Emory University for the NBMBAA, diverse students who excel on the GMAT are better positioned to be attractive to the top tier schools and increase the opportunity for scholarships.  

The business case for diversity and inclusion is clear and profitable. Students and professionals who are continually investing in their education and enhancing their skills will find that they will be prepared to lead profitable organizations and strengthen brands.

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