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10 Stress Solutions: How Slowing Down Impacts Your Everyday

Skipping that third or fourth cup of coffee may offer more benefits than just feeling refreshed and calm at the end of the day.

We live in a buzzing society that is moving faster by the minute, and our attention is constantly being pulled between our work, family, and responsibilities. The added dose of social media that allows for instant communication with friends and family from near and far, giving us updates from everyone from politicians to celebrities, however enticing, can also make our everyday life susceptible to even more stress.

Numerous surveys confirm that stress has increased the past few decades, and that stress has become America’s No. 1 health problem and can lead to serious health complications.

So before you grab that cup of coffee or go directly for the Red Bull, think about these important benefits living a calmer, more stress-free life can bring you.

1. Better focus

Slowing down will allow you to focus on one thing at a time, as opposed to procrastinating and leaving unfinished projects. Recent studies have proven that those who are relaxed perform better on tests than those who are stressed.

2. Better relationships

Slowing down will let you take the focus off of your own life and become more considerate of the needs of the people around you.

3. Better communication

By slowing down, you allow yourself to think about what you really feel and how you want to say it, as opposed to saying the first thing that comes to mind — and putting your foot in your mouth.

4. Fewer impulse buys

Leading a more relaxed life allows you to question if what you are considering to buy is something you really need or if it is just a passing desire.

5. Make better decisions

New research is showing stress can have long-lasting effects, making you respond with a fight-or-flight reaction instead of looking at all the options. In reality, we know that there are always more choices available than what it seems at first. By slowing down, you will allow yourself to consider all the different options before making a decision.

But you don’t necessarily have to make life-altering changes to lower your stress level. Follow these easy steps, reduce your stress, and reap the benefits.

6. Sleep

Maintaining a regular sleep schedule by going to bed and getting up at the same time every day may improve your stress levels significantly.

7. Daily exercise

Exercising a little every day might actually be better than exercising for longer a couple of days a week, but remember — some physical activity is always better than none.

8. Let things roll off

Some of the most stressed-out individuals have a difficult time letting things roll off. Learn not to sweat the small stuff and you will find that you maintain an automatically lower stress level.

9. Eat healthier

Add more fruits, grains, and vegetables, as it is easier to feel good when you are healthier. Adding vitamin B12 to your diet, found mostly in fish, eggs, and milk products, can help you feel more like yourself, and even improve memory.

10. Help someone else

Helping and focusing on someone less fortunate has proven to be a very effective stress management technique.

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