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Parenting and Family Advice From Superstar Influencer Kristy Sarah Scott

influencer-parent-mom-kristy scott
influencer-parent-mom-kristy scott
Kristy Sarah Scott and her husband Desmond | Photo by Dametreus Ward (@meech213)

With more than 20 million followers across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, Kristy Sarah Scott and her husband (and high school sweetheart) Desmond have made a living sharing their lives on social media. We spoke with Scott about how she balances her dynamic social media presence while making the most of her time as a mother to two boys.

What inspired you to get into social media and document the daily life of you and your family?

I’ve always loved making and editing videos, and being in front of the camera. Creating content started out as a hobby and a creative outlet. I always felt happy filming and I also wanted to capture memories and our personality, so I always have something to look back on and laugh at. When I noticed other people enjoyed watching our family dynamic and being a part of it too, it fueled my desire even more to film and post.

My dad told me at a very young age that he thought I would have a career in front of the camera because I loved it so much. He was right!

How have you and your husband been able to parent your two sons while juggling busy careers?

The boys are often around when we are creating our crazy videos and doing some sort of crazy shenanigans. They definitely think it’s normal. But content-creating is extremely busy.

Desmond and I both agree that out of all the previous jobs we have had (including information technology, supply chain, video production, etc.), content creating is the busiest of all of them. So, we have had to learn balance, scheduling, and prioritization. We try our best to make sure to set our boundaries so that family time is not compromised — basically sticking to strict work times, and then when it comes to family time, being present and involved. 

What are some highs and lows that new parents should expect when starting their families?

I was always told when you start a family, you learn an entirely new type of love. That’s definitely a part of the highs, along with seeing your kid’s different milestones, from their first laugh to their first steps. That feeling is indescribable. Desmond and I always laugh at the boys and their antics.

The lows would probably consist of never-ending anxiety and wanting the best for your child — hoping they never have to experience the stresses of the world. But the highs and unconditional love always outweigh the lows.

Photo by Arthur Gareev

What was something you wish you had known before having your first child? 

I wish I knew to cherish my sleep and flexibility of being able to stay in bed all day if I wanted to, because the day we started to have kids was the day that was no longer a possibility!

What’s one piece of advice you would give to new or expecting parents?

Soak up every single second of their snuggles, because they grow like weeds and then they don’t want to snuggle as much since they’re so busy getting to everything around the house.

Also, allow yourself to evolve and learn as a first-time parent. Don’t be too hard on yourself because you are just navigating the best you can. Be the parent and person you aspire for your kids to look up to. That doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes along the way, so be patient with yourself. 

You can follow Kristy on TikTok and Instagram @kristy.sarah

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