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Sports Broadcaster Erin Andrews Discusses Her IVF Journey and Becoming a Mom

ivf-surrogacy-parenthood-jarret stoll
ivf-surrogacy-parenthood-jarret stoll
Erin Andrews | Photo courtesy of Fox Sports

Erin Andrews is known for many things. She’s been an integral part of the Fox Sports broadcast team since 2012, covering three Super Bowls and two World Series. She’s hosted the podcast “Calm Down” with fellow broadcasting legend Charissa Thompson since 2021. And she launched the all-women’s NFL apparel line WEAR in 2019, and has since expanded to include NBA, NHL, MLB, and NCAA gear.

Last summer, Andrews — who was declared free of cervical cancer in 2019 — added “mother” to her already impressive list of titles when she and her husband, retired NHL star Jarret Stoll, welcomed their son Mack into the world. We spoke with Andrews about her nearly decade-long IVF and surrogacy journey, and what advice she has for new and expecting parents, as well as those struggling with infertility.

When you were diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2016, did you think you would ever be able to have children?

Honestly, I didn’t even think about it then or how it would affect me. I was just worried about getting the cancer out of my body.

I know that a few years ago, you and Jarret were able to conceive two embryos via IVF and surrogacy, but they were both lost during the pregnancy. Can you talk a bit about what that experience was like and how it impacted your overall desire to have children?

It was awful, it was a terrible loss. My husband and I weren’t ready for it. We thought when we did it the first time, we’d get two or at least one. We thought it was just something that happened automatically and not that the chances were higher that it wouldn’t happen.

We took it really, really hard — we weren’t ready for it at all. Quite honestly, my husband and I didn’t think it would happen to us. It didn’t impact our overall desire to have children — we just realized how difficult it was.

Last summer, you welcomed your son, Mack, into the world. What was it like to finally become parents?

It was overwhelming, exciting, scary. My husband and I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. Everything everyone says about when you find out you’re having a kid is true: All the emotions! 

What have you learned in your time since becoming a mother?

Being a mother is a lot harder than I had ever imagined. You need to surround yourself with people who give positive advice, guidance, and help.

Andrews and Stoll with their newborn son, Mack.

You need to be an amazing, strong team with your partner or whoever you have in your life. I am so grateful I have that.

What advice would you give to other parents? What about those struggling with infertility and considering their options for becoming parents?

Andrews’ dog, Howie, has embraced his role as a big brother.

Go easy on yourself and give yourself some grace. To those struggling with infertility, you will get your baby. You will. Don’t give up — talk to people, lean on people. When discussing it, don’t ever think you are bothering anyone with what you’re going through.

Don’t keep anything inside and ask as many questions as possible to your physicians, therapists, acupuncturist, etc. Exercising is a great release for your anxieties and emotions. Do not fight your struggles by yourself.

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