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Feeding the Future

Next Gen Tech Can Boost Product Transparency and Traceability

Photo: Courtesy of Charisse Kenion

Today’s consumers want more information at their fingertips; they want to know if the milk in their chocolate bar is organic or if the cereal they’re about to purchase contains allergens.

Consumer purchasing decisions are determined by a diverse and evolving set of drivers that go beyond the traditional considerations of taste, price and convenience to also encompass health, wellness, safety, social impact and experience.

SmartLabel™ QR Codes are being used by brands as a vehicle to deliver greater product transparency, creating a virtual window of consumer-driven information that can be accessed in real-time via any smartphone. Scanbuy, the leading provider of these QR Codes, has already been adopted by the likes of Hershey’s, Mondelez, ConAgra Foods, Loreal and others.

Scanbuy’s partnership with Kezzler, a pioneer in product serialization and tracking and tracing, will take the platform further by creating next-generation solutions that no longer require products to have a consumer-facing barcode for transparency and an internal-facing barcode for traceability. Kezzler’s technology generates unique and interactive codes that enrich SmartLabel™ QR Codes, giving each product a digital DNA. By delivering traceability, product authentication, supply chain optimization and robust marketing insights simultaneously, the partnership is poised to transform the CPG industry.

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