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Feeding the Future

The Future of Food Is Being Decided Now

We find ourselves at a tipping point, a moment when the ideas that we generate and the decisions that we make can and will create important differences in the lives of future generations. When it comes to how we can produce and sustain our global food supply, this is particularly true.

Intersectional solutions

Experts estimate that the human population on Earth will exceed nine billion people by 2050. We cannot confront the challenge of feeding this vast population without innovation, brought by science and technology, in our global food system. A sustained and collective effort across diverse disciplines of natural and social sciences, policy, business, entrepreneurship and the supply chain will reveal the path forward for human sustenance, nutrition and healthful perseverance. We must look at the intersection of issues like climate change, energy deployment, water supply, mass urbanization and the sustainability of our food system and what needs to be done to provide for our most basic human need: food.

For companies large and small who offer food or ingredients in the marketplace, science and innovation are the cornerstones of providing a safe, nutritious and sustainable food supply. As we move forward, a variety of trans-disciplinary perspectives, an open dialogue and debate will remain imperative to challenge conventional thinking and tackle issues like food health and nutrition, food safety, food waste, food security and sustainability.

What does the future of food look like? What are some of our most significant challenges and how are we addressing them? Behind the scenes, professionals in the science of food, technologists and other innovators are working tirelessly and continuously on advancements that will move the needle on how we grow, design, distribute, package, consume and experience food. And, let’s not forget we’d like it to taste good. The pages of this magazine are filled with people who are doing just that.

Moving forward

Future of Food illustrates how intrinsic technology is to our food supply and our future while highlighting the dynamic ways in which food science and technology can address some of the most topical issues in the world today. From technologies that mitigate food waste and improve sustainability; to refining consumer experiences through connectivity in the home, the advent of “smart kitchens” and wearables; to using drones and big data to enhance farm production: the spectrum of how technology works with our food system is far-reaching. 

We hope to provoke a thoughtful and inspiring discussion about the intersection of science and technology in our food system and how innovation can solve some of the world’s most critical issues. After all, what we need today is not mass consensus on how we will tackle these challenges, but an understanding of how different perspectives and a trans-disciplinary approach can contribute to the advancement of our food system and our world.

Our future depends on it. 

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