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Three Ways for Restaurants to Minimize Food Waste

Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Borba

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates food waste in the U.S. to be about 30 to 40 percent of the food supply. In response, the National Restaurant Association has featured food waste reduction as a top ten concept trend for 2018.

1. Re-evaluate the value of your food

Visiting local farms, growers and purveyors will give you a new perspective on what it takes to produce the food you buy and serve at your restaurant. Understanding what goes into the food you make can help you appreciate the money, time and effort lost in food waste.

2. Track the amount of food you waste

Try recording the amount of food you throw away. By taking stock of what is being wasted you can adjust orders to minimize food waste. In the end, not only will tracking where your food ends up help cut down on your waste, it will help you save money by not over ordering products that are consistently superfluous in your restaurant.

3. Donate unused food

Unused food is an inevitability for any restaurant. But, the products your restaurant no longer needs or uses can be a means to support your community. Donating unused food to organizations that help the hungry in your community can bring you closer to your customers and reduce your impact on the planet.  

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