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5 Reasons to Book Your Vacation With a Tour Operator

Photo: Courtesy of Nicholas Swanson

The phrase “I need a vacation from my vacation” is all too familiar. The planning and on-the-ground logistics can feel like another job, so why not let someone else do it for you? Here are just some of the benefits the members of the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) offer to help travelers reclaim their vacations.

1. Peace of mind

Knowing your vacation was planned by professionals immediately puts your mind at ease. Without worrying about directions, transfers, where to eat and other details, you’re free to connect with travel companions and with the people in the destination. USTOA tour-operator members take care of the logistics before and during your trip, while also serving as an on-the-ground resource for questions and to troubleshoot as needed.

2. Insider access

While tourism hot spots are a must for some, USTOA members believe in traveling deeper. From dinner with a local family in Peru, to special access to temples in Thailand or a private after-hours tour of the Vatican, traveling with a tour operator and a local guide allows travelers to experience a destination in ways they would not have if they had tried to book on their own. It’s an opportunity to live like a local, even if it’s only for a few days.

3. Variety

Don’t let the word “tour” fool you. With thousands of itineraries, our members offer a wide variety of group, individual and independent travel opportunities ranging from active adventures to relaxing river cruises and beach vacations for friends, honeymooners, families and solo travelers.

4. Bucket-list experiences

Whether it’s visiting Times Square, river-cruising along the Douro in Portugal or a seeing wildlife in Antarctica, tour-operators can help make bucket-list travel dreams a reality in all seven continents.

5. Unparalleled protection

Travelers who book with tour-operator members of USTOA are protected by the organization’s Travelers Assistance Program, which stipulates that in the case of a USTOA-member bankruptcy or insolvency, tour payments are protected up to $1 million. The safety and security of travelers is a top priority for USTOA members, especially when the unexpected happens. Whether it’s Mother Nature flexing her muscles or political uncertainty, you can travel with confidence when you have a tour-operator as your safety net.

6. Value

Lastly, the buying power of tour-operators — whether you’re traveling in a group or on an individual trip — ensures favorable value-for-the-dollar prices.

Ready for a true vacation? From a family get-away to one of US National Parks to fulfilling a bucket-list dream safari in Africa and everything in between, a USTOA tour-operator can help put together your dream vacation.

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