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Top 5 Reasons to Buy An RV

Photo: Courtesy of Eugene Quek

RV travel continues to gain popularity among American families — and with good reason. Recreation vehicles open up a world of fun, freedom and flexibility. They allow you to travel on your schedule, create your own itinerary and fall asleep at the end of day in the comfort of your own bed. Here are five great reasons why you should be buying an RV for your family to enjoy:

1. It’s your home away from home

You can pack all you need for your weekend getaway or your cross-country explorations. Depending on the RV type, you can enjoy most — if not all — of the amenities you have at home. Spend more time enjoying your trip and less time booking flights and hotel rooms.

2. Shake up your routine

No matter who you travel with in your RV, escaping the normal routine of life helps people come together and bond. We all need a break, so packing up the RV and enjoying time with your fellow travelers is the perfect remedy. Even pets can come along for the ride.

3. Make friends wherever you go

There is something about camping that brings people together. No matter where you are staying in your RV, you are bound to meet people along the way. Can you remember the last time you met someone while staying in a hotel?

4. See more of the world

Want to sleep in the middle of your favorite national park? Want to tailgate before the big game or race? An RV will make that, and so much more, possible.

5. Save yourself money

Don’t worry about paying for airfare or a hotel room ever again. And when you travel in an RV, you also can save money — and eat healthier — by preparing your own meals instead of eating in restaurants.

Chris Smith, Executive Director, CFO, Family Motor Coach Association, [email protected]

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