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Home » Hispanic Heritage » How Lenders and Prospective Hispanic Homeowners Are Working Together to Make Latinos’ Dreams of Home Ownership a Reality

Homeownership is the American Dream and Hispanics are making their real estate dreams a reality. According to a report by the Hispanic Wealth Project, a non-profit in conjunction with the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, 46.2 percent of Hispanics own a home.

“The Hispanic market is the only demographic that has actually increased their home ownership rate in the last three years consecutively,” says Leticia Vu, VP of strategic markets for Equity Prime Mortgage, one of the country’s leading direct mortgage lenders.

Vu, a proud Latina, knows buying a home can be emotional and rewarding. She remembers the pride she felt when purchasing her first home. Now, she’s passionate about helping fellow Hispanics through the process so they can feel the same sense of home-buying pride.

Growing market

As the Latino population grows — currently, there are 58.6 million total Hispanics in the United States — the once minority, is becoming a majority.

“What was once known as a niche market is now ‘the market,’” says Eddy Perez, president and co-founder of Equity Prime Mortgage, which has been supporting the demographic since 2015.

A first-generation Cuban-American, who started the mortgage company a decade ago during the housing crisis, Perez says it’s important for diversification within the homeownership market.

“We know the markets where we excel and now we know what to replicate, and we also know when to try something different,” he says, noting he and his team are working hard to help fellow Hispanics buy their own homes.

Ownership outreach

In order to reach their homeownership goals, potential Latino homeowners are encouraged to connect with approachable, warm and trustworthy real estate and banking professionals.

“We can accomplish this by hiring the right talent that is committed to helping this demographic and educating our consumers,” says Vu.

With Spanish-speaking loan officers and a bilingual website, the company is honored to be a trusted resource for the growing Latino population.

“Our goal is help reach and help as many Hispanic families obtain the ultimate dream of home ownership: su sueño realizado!” says Vu.

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