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How Mexican American Makeup Artist and Influencer Manny MUA Celebrates Beauty and Family

Manny MUA, whose real name is Manny Gutierrez, is crushing it as a makeup artist, YouTuber, and beauty blogger.

With nearly five million YouTube fans and over four million Instagram followers, the 28-year-old San Diego native is one of the world’s first male beauty influencers.

Not just skin deep

His previous beauty ambassador roles led him to a collaboration with cosmetics brand Smashbox. He credits that collaboration with empowering him to create his own company Lunar Beauty.

A proud Mexican American, Gutierrez graduated from college planning to become a surgeon; but beauty became his career instead.

“I found out makeup was a passion of mine when I first tried out drag about six years ago, and instantly fell in love,” he says. “My biggest motivation for my career has always been my family and my following, to always take care of them, and support them both.”

The influencer started working at retail beauty counters and testing makeup on himself. He then posted tips and tutorials on social media.


Gutierrez, who identifies as gay and grew up Mormon in a strict Latino household, loves the power of beauty products.

“Makeup to me means confidence and the choice to present yourself however your heart sees fit,” he says.

Impressed by the changes happening in the industry, he encourages everyone to embrace their beauty and push forward for diversity.

“It has become so much more inclusive and diverse in the past couple of years,” he says. “Especially when it comes to makeup, there are so many more boys and people of color in the beauty space, which is really amazing to see.”

La familia

“I am so proud of my Mexican heritage,” says Gutierrez, who lives in Los Angeles. “I would say that the biggest impact it has had on my career is truly giving me ‘la familia.’

“While we’ve gone through our ups and downs together, my family and I are ultimately a unit, and we are so much stronger when together.”

He calls his parents his role models and knows he can depend on them. They even help him run his company. That strong family bond is always present, especially during Hispanic Heritage Month. He’s looking forward to a delicious family dinner.

“Naturally I will celebrate with my family, including going over to my parent’s home for some of my mom’s delicious and authentic cooking,” he says. “I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.”

Kristen Castillo, [email protected]

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