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Hispanic Heritage

Taking Steps Toward a Brighter and Healthier Future


Latinos are over 50% more likely to have diabetes than non-Hispanic whites. It is time for us to talk about that.

Dr. Francisco Prieto

Chair for the National Advocacy Committee, American Diabetes Association

Each year, 1.4 million are diagnosed with diabetes in the United States. Unfortunately, diabetes continues to be a topic that is not spoken about often enough.

Adults with diabetes are two times more likely to have a heart attack or stroke than those who do not live with diabetes. If we want to change our future, we need to educate ourselves on our bodies. Here are four questions you should ask your doctor about diabetes at your next appointment:

  1. What can I do to reduce my risk of developing diabetes in the future?
  2. What are long term complications of diabetes that I should pay attention to?
  3. According to my family’s medical history and my current health, do I need an A1c test?
  4. What should I do before my next appointment?

Taking care of your diabetes does not just mean seeing your primary care provider or endocrinologist. It is predicted that the number of Americans at risk of losing their vision due to diabetic retinopathy will double from 7.7 million to 14.6 million from 2010 to 2050. It is also predicted that Latinos will represent the largest increase in cases of diabetic retinopathy, increasing more than three times from 1.2 million to 5.3 million. If you live with type 2 diabetes, even if you do not use glasses, it’s important to receive an annual dilated eye exam. You can learn a lot about your health through a dilated eye exam.

The American Diabetes Association is the nation’s leading voluntary health organization fighting to bend the curve on the diabetes epidemic and help people living with diabetes thrive. Find diabetes management tips, recipes, and more on our website,

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