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The Latino Community Is Uniquely Positioned to Address the Problems of Our Time


Marco A. Davis

President and CEO, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

This is a critical time in the history of the United States, and for the Latino population. While our community is increasing in numbers and influence, we are also facing some of the most serious challenges we’ve ever seen. More than ever before, Latinos must assert our collective voice in the telling of our narrative.

The way forward

How do we accomplish that? By proactively spreading the word about the beneficial impact of our growing numbers and the importance of participating in all aspects of community and civic life, including the U.S. census — because every single Hispanic in this country counts and needs to be counted. At nearly 60 million strong, our community holds the keys to our own future. 

As the new CEO of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI), I prioritize developing and championing Latino leaders for today’s challenges and solutions. At CHCI, we work to identify, recruit, develop, and support a Latino leadership pipeline for the country. We have engaged thousands of students and graduates through our programs that work to grow and leverage community-minded problem-solvers. We conduct activities that ground these emerging leaders in policies and help them build a robust network to be able to better navigate any field they pursue, while advancing the community’s needs and interests.

Paying it forward

In the same way we are indebted to those who came before us that forged a path for our success, we owe it to the current generation to share our insights and experience and to help open doors closed to previous generations. We must continue to work together, collaborate to share opportunities, and expand our supportive networks. We are stronger when we are united, and our perseverance, and success, even in the face of daunting odds, demonstrates it.

Our growing CHCI alumni network continues to climb to new heights. What starts with participation in one of our programs ultimately leads to a connection and continued investment that lasts a lifetime. CHCI alumni like Alejandra Y. Castillo, who in 2017 was named CEO of the YWCA, is working to empower the 2.2 million women and girls the YWCA serves throughout the nation and eliminate racism for a better and more inclusive country. She continues to be a strong partner for us. 

The time is now

This is the time to determine our community’s destiny. How we respond to the current crises our population and the nation face will define us for generations to come. Join us, as our 40-year plus effort is really just getting started, though the goal and focus to stand united are the same. We are committed to working together, to raise our voices, and push forward as one united family.

Marco A. Davis, President and CEO, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, [email protected]

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