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6 Kitchen Hacks from DIY Network Star Alison Victoria

Photo: Courtesy of Maria Ponce

As host of the popular DIY Network series “Kitchen Crashers,” Alison Victoria surprises homeowners in Las Vegas and Chicago with extravagant kitchen redesigns completed in a few short days. We caught up with the star to learn how everyday homeowners can spice up an ordinary kitchen. 

1. Do your homework

Whether you want to give several rooms a new look or just take on a single space, like the kitchen, Alison says doing your homework is essential. “As silly as it sounds, and for as many crazy videos there are out there, YouTube can be your best friend when it comes to tackling your own DIY project,” she tells Mediaplanet. “Learn from the mistakes of others, and don’t be too hard on yourself. You can’t become an expert overnight.”

2. Practice geometry

What’s the most important aspect of every kitchen? For Alison, the answer lies in design. “It’s what we in the kitchen design world refer to as the ‘perfect triangle,’” she explains. The kitchen work triangle has inspired design since the early 1940s. Placing the sink, stove and refrigerator at opposing points allows the chef to move from storage to cooking to cleaning quickly and efficiently.

3. Plant a seed

“Bring in the green by making your own herb garden,” Alison recommends. Maintaining an herb garden is sustainable, helps save money and acts as a stress-reliever.

4. Care for your cabinets

If you’re looking to give your kitchen a face lift, Alison says smaller projects like repainting kitchen cabinets or changing cabinet hardware are manageable and can yield a big effect. “Storage and organization are key to creating a happy, healthy space for you and your entire family,” she says. For homeowners working with small budgets, cabinet hardware can be a game changer. “Little things make a big difference. Think of it as an accessory for your kitchen. [Cabinet hardware] is a fun and easy way to introduce trends, whether it be color, finish or pattern.”

5. Invest wisely  

To add resale value to your home, Alison advises investing in new appliances and countertops. For optimal value, experts recommend stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.

6. Make a (back)splash

Alison believes that the kitchen is the most important room in a home to keep up-to-date because it’s the space where people gather most. “Your backsplash is the artwork of your kitchen. It’s the easiest way to bring in color and texture,” she highlights. “Believe me, installing it on your own sounds much more difficult than it really is. If I can do it, anyone can do it — trust me.”

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