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Remodeling Projects Support Joy and Resale Value

Photo: Courtesy of Milivoj Kuhar

When it comes to real estate, three things matter most: location, location, location. When remodeling your property, consider interior and exterior renovations to add value and improve the joy and comfort of your home.

Where to start

Kitchens are the heart of the home. Regardless of the reason, kitchen renovations top the list for resale value and added comfort, safety and joy for friends and family. Design kitchen counters, fixtures and appliances with accessibility in mind to ensure ease of use and safety. Cabinet storage provides functionality to hide everyday items with the benefit of easy to use shelves and pull out draws to remove the need to reach, bend or stretch. 

Bathroom renovations are the second most requested project. The most frequent reason includes updating old or worn out finishes including tile and fixtures. Functional safety can be addressed by incorporating accessibility features. Wall hung toilets and counters offer flexible heights as needed. Walk-in showers and bathtubs increase safety without diminishing beauty.

Another project with a high return on investment is new wood flooring. Hardwood flooring provides enduring beauty and quality. With a wide variety of options there is something for every design style. Both Realtors® and NARI Remodelers estimate as much as 90 percent of project cost can be recovered in resale.

Even though upgrading insulation doesn’t yield visible results it will improve energy efficiency, decrease utility bills and provide more comfort particularly in extreme weather. This was the next most profitable project. Professional remodelers estimate that 75 percent of the project costs can be recovered at resale.

First impressions count

Two exterior improvements can yield high results in terms of resale: a new front door and garage door. A new steel door is estimated to yield a 75 percent cost recovery while a new fiberglass front door is slightly less at an estimated 67 percent. Regardless of the type, make a great first impression with a new front door.

Appearances matter and a new garage door telegraphs a well-cared for property. Replacing a worn or damaged door is an easy way to improve the look of your property and can return up to 87 percent on the investment.

Both big and small home remodeling projects can yield positive results whether or not you are looking to sell your home or stay awhile.

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