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The Best Ways to Secure Your Home, According to the NYPD

Jessica Corey

NYPD Deputy Inspector

It’s hard to imagine a scarier scenario than a break-in at your home. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to protect yourself, your home, and your family.

When assessing a house for safety, NYPD deputy inspector Jessica Corey says there are a few places she looks to first. 

Are the windows covered so passing patrols can’t see inside? Is there good lighting — particularly motion-sensor lighting — around the property? Are there good quality locks? How secure is the door frame? 

“You could have multiple locks on a door, but if your door frame is weak, somebody could gain access that way,” Corey said. “A lot of people have doors where they might not realize that the hinges are on the outside of the door.”

If your hinges are on the outside of your door frame, it would be easy for someone to simply remove the hinges and walk right in.

Keeping an eye on things

Obviously, Corey says, having video surveillance or a video alarm system is always going to be helpful.

Of course, burglars don’t always need to get inside the house to steal from you. Package theft is incredibly common, so it’s best to avoid having deliveries left outside your door when you’re not home.

Corey laid out simple steps to prevent this, such as scheduling your delivery when you know you’ll be home, choosing a shipping option that requires a signature, or having your packages delivered to your office or a friend’s house. 

You can also install WiFi-enabled security cameras that send you an alert in case of theft.

It takes just a little diligence for you to sleep more peacefully at night.

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