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The True Benefits of Being Organized

Photo: Courtesy of Annie Spratt

How many times have you ordered something online, but immediately felt buyers’ remorse upon the item’s arrival? And then of course you intend to return the item but never do. How many times have you looked for a kitchen utensil that you know you own, and can’t find it? So, you order another one, and then you find the original “lost” utensil shoved in a drawer or some other random spot?

There’s hope for you yet. Becoming organized will not only save you countless hours of looking for lost items but also spending money replacing items that are “lost.”

An organized closet saves you money. You wear what you love and love what you have. Did you know we wear only 20 percent of our clothes 80 percent of the time?  Let go of clothes that don’t fit, or you don’t love, feel scratchy or just make you look frumpy.

An organized pantry allows you to easily see what you need to purchase. Your organized closet saves you money, so rather than purchasing a new white shirt to match an outfit, you can find it quickly in your white section of clothing. You can save money by keeping your purchases to a minimum rather than purchasing a “just in case” or “I thought I had one and can’t find it” item.

What’s keeping you from getting organized? Start today with something small. Start in a small area such as a junk drawer. By starting in an area that is frustrating you will feel motivated when it’s complete. Multiply your time and energy by how much money you will save by getting organized and you will find a big payday.

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