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Turning Your Backyard into a Clutter-Free Oasis

Photo: Courtesy of Jon Tyson

Jessica DeSiato

Founder, Thoughtfully Organized LLC

I like to apply the same organizational principles to outdoor spaces as I do to indoor ones. Just like in playrooms and pantries, everything needs a home.

The importance of cleaning up

Making it easy for kids and family members to put away toys, games, and BBQ equipment is critical for an organized outdoor space. Organize your kids toys in durable plastic containers close to the ground so it’s easy for them to reach and store away — it is important that they know that clean-up is part of play time.

 Outdoor tips

For the outdoor furniture you select, quality is critical as nature will surely test its limits. My favorite material for outdoor furniture is aluminum as it is durable, light, rustproof and you can spray paint it different colors as tastes and styles change.

Don’t hesitate to invest in a high-quality set of furniture — it is better to buy something that will last 10 years instead of something that will look worn down and in need of replacing in two. I even have an aluminum furniture set in my backyard that was purchased by my husband’s grandparents 30 years ago.

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