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Why You Should Accept No Substitutes When It Comes to Hardwood Floors

To say genuine hardwood floors are popular with today’s homebuyers is certainly true, but hardly a revelation – they have been the floor of choice for quality homes dating back to the colonial days. 

Throughout the generations, there has not been a type of flooring that has been more desired, nor whose look has been more imitated by man-made products, than genuine hardwood flooring.

The reasons for hardwood flooring’s continued desirability are numerous. Wood floors add natural beauty and timeless style to any décor. Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, brand new or centuries old, wood floors offer endless design possibilities and make it easy to fit your – and your home’s – individual needs and personal style.

But beauty and design are only part of the equation. As an added benefit, today’s wood floors are designed to withstand the traffic of busy families. Wood floors are extremely durable and, when properly maintained, can look beautiful for decades.

Good for the planet

Wood floors are also among the most environmentally friendly flooring options available. Virtually all of the domestic species used in the manufacturing of hardwood flooring are the product of professionally managed timber that is harvested in a responsible manner. 

Because wood floors can last for many generations, they require fewer raw materials – and produce less landfill waste – than other flooring options.

Wood floors have also been shown to improve indoor air quality compared to other types of flooring. This makes them a healthier option for all of your home’s inhabitants – young and old, big and small.

In addition to the centuries-old practice of nailing solid wood planks down on a suspended wood subfloor, there are now a seemingly endless variety of engineered flooring options that can be installed on a suitable concrete slab, both on and below grade, allowing today’s homeowner to install real wood flooring in areas not available to previous generations.

Though the market has been flooded with endless wood look-alikes, homeowners who want to invest in their homes should be adamant about purchasing 100 percent genuine hardwood flooring. For previous, current ,and future generations to come, there has never been and never will be an equal to real hardwood flooring when both beauty and functionality are concerned.

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