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HGTV’s Mina Starsiak Hawk Talks About Home Safety

Photo: Courtesy of Two Chicks and a Hammer

In this exclusive interview famed Home Renovator Mina Sarsia-Hawk shares her valuable insights in home safety and security.

What made you interested in becoming a realtor and home renovator?

After I graduated from college, I wasn’t really sure what career I truly wanted to pursue. I knew that I didn’t want a desk job, and that I wanted something that didn’t limit my creativity. When I purchased my first home, my mom and I renovated it ourselves, and it just eventually grew into so much more. We began to revitalize more homes in our own neighborhood, and it eventually grew into our own dream business. 

What do you look for in a house specifically to make sure it’s safe for new families and homeowners? Do you do anything specific to address home safety and security when you are renovating a house?

We take serious precaution when dealing with unsafe foundations in our homes. We ensure that the homes we revitalize have a safe and sturdy foundation. Also, we always make sure our homes are inspected and up to code.

How do you ensure safety in your own home?

We use security cameras in each room of my home. We also have a security doorbell to ensure surveillance around my entire home. 

What precautions do you take in your home in order to ensure your kids are safe?

We use child safety locks on each of our kitchen cabinets, electrical outlet plug inserts, and cordless blinds (?). We also make sure that the batteries in our carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are always up to date. 

What would you tell future homeowners on helping them to ensure their homes are safe?

I would recommend that future homeowners make sure to be aware of lead paint if they are purchasing an older home, as exposure can lead to long lasting side effects. Also, to invest in a home security system, in order to ensure safety surveillance around the entire home.

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