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How Home Automation is Changing the Vacation Rental Industry


Sean Miller

President, PointCentral

In your opinion, what’s one of the biggest problems the vacation rental (VR) industry faces today?

Vacation rental managers (VRMs) simultaneously compete for travelers, staff, and property owners. As the lines between hotels and private accommodations continue to blur, this juggling act will only intensify. The good news is that most VRMs and industry partners see this challenge as an opportunity.

What are the main benefits of going keyless for a vacation rental property?

Keyless locks eliminate the need to cut keys, re-key locks, rush to replace lost keys, or fear floating keys. Operations staff sees when cleaning crews start and finish, making turn-day more efficient. Guests can skip check-in lines and start enjoying their vacation earlier in pre-conditioned homes.

Why should home automation be considered a necessity for VR properties rather than a luxury?

Connected living is expected by today’s guests, while staff saves time with proactive notifications and safe access control that lockboxes can’t match. Vacation rental managers can better protect the home and keep owners happy. Property automation delivers the best experience to all constituents.

How can smart home technology help grow one’s short-term rental business?

It saves owners on utilities and better protects the home, improving the owner’s financial return and in turn growing the manager’s inventory. Less time spent on routine tasks also means more time delighting guests, which yields better reviews, more direct business, and more time to manage more homes.

What does property automation mean to you?

Property automation is mission critical to today and tomorrow’s VRM because it securely, reliably, and efficiently connects one VRM to all the homes he or she manages, and uses automated processes to deliver a service to guests, asset protection to homeowners, and efficiency to VRMs.

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