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How to Avoid the Vulnerabilities of a Typical Home

Advances in smart home technologies and the realization of Internet of Things (IoT) in residential security systems are enabling security providers to expand the range of options available to consumers. These advances, in turn, are enabling consumers to better integrate home security into their lifestyle.

How it works

At the most basic level — by using a smart phone to remotely arm and disarm a security system — homeowners can avoid the added worry of forgetting to set their alarm system before leaving on a trip. The integration of video surveillance and remote monitoring makes it possible for homeowners to view what is taking place inside and outside their home from almost anywhere in the world.

These features, with the addition of audio or video verification that permits a monitoring service to hear or see what is taking place if an alarm is triggered, exponentially increase the ability to better secure both home and property. Electronic door locks that communicate using Z-Wave technology can be incorporated into a home security system.

These locks do away with the hassle of keys and provide an added level of security, which is an inherent benefit. A homeowner can access certain electronic locks remotely, so entry can be provided to a trusted neighbor or family member in case of a minor emergency.

Smarter, safer homes

IoT connects different areas of a home in real time and, through the analysis of data, can automatically predict and respond to situations that present a threat. For example, a sensor on a child gate can detect when a child is moving toward it and automatically lock, preventing the child from entering a dangerous area such as a stairway.  

Interconnected home security systems also provide a wide array of advantages to elderly homeowners. Home security systems can now integrate medical alert features with sensors that can detect falls so emergency responders and family members can be notified by the monitoring service.

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