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Travel Influencer Ravi Roth’s Guide to Summer Travel

Photos: Courtesy of Ravi Roth

After a year of pandemic living, Ravi Roth is happy to be back doing what he loves – traveling the world.

“I’m ready to go everywhere,” said Roth, a queer culture vlogger, YouTuber, speaker, travel writer, and influencer, who is fully vaccinated.

At the time of this interview, he was on a road trip with his father visiting Los Angeles. Weeks earlier, the Roth family visited Tulsa, a destination chosen by his father. The getaway was in honor of Roth’s mother who died six months earlier. Then he visited Roswell, as well as Marfa, Texas. Next, he’s traveling to Chicago and Cedar Rapids. 

“I just love talking to people,” said Roth. “I started with doing ‘Ravi Round the World,’ my travel show on YouTube and Instagram, because I wanted to share stories of different types of people in the queer space. 

“And for the last year, I wasn’t really able to do that other than in my city, New York. I haven’t been able to travel, so now being able to talk to new people and to learn about different experiences, especially in some cities that I would have never put on my bucket list, that’s what really lights me up.”

“Travel is my life”

Roth, who’s been to 32 countries, is excited about the launch of his new travel show, “Gaycation Travel Show.” 

“This show is not about me,” he said. “It stars the destination. I host it, and I share the story of the destination making its comeback post coronavirus.”

There are eight episodes in the series, which airs on YouTube. One of the episodes will feature Roth’s visit to Tulsa, a city he said is underrated, beautiful, and progressive. He’s impressed by the city’s vegan and farm to table food scenes.

“Travel is my life,” said Roth, who’s excited “to see how places are really opening back up. They’re really starting to thrive in a safe way.”

Travel plans

While there’s no rush, Roth said people need to go back to travel on their own time frame and terms. 

Domestic travel is popular right now and many deals are available too. Roth frequently uses websites like Orbitz to book travel and stays at Airbnb properties.  He predicts going forward that travel will be more hygiene-sensitive and that people will still continue to wear masks and social distance, as well as not shake hands or hug.

He advised using a travel agent who can help you find both deals and destinations that are match for your comfort level. He said a lot of companies are making travel safe for guests. For example, he cited Hilton’s CleanStay program, where they have contactless check in and don’t make up your room unless you request it.

Now’s the time to book your bucket list travel plans. In the future, Roth wants to visit Iceland, Thailand, and Costa Rica.

“We’ve learned this past year that life can be short, we don’t know when our time is up,” he said. “So, if there’s a place that you want to see, figure out a way, make a plan and go out there and see it.”

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