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Food Network Star Guy Fieri Discovers the Beauty of America

Photos: Courtesy of The Food Network

Throughout his many travels across the country, celebrity chef Guy Fieri still believes in the magic of the local food scene.

Guy Fieri is the king of Flavortown, a mythical place with great food and lots of fun. He cultivates that concept on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” the hit Food Network show he’s been hosting for nearly 15 years.

The road trip experience is part of the allure for the show, which he refers to as “Triple D.” Last summer, the show shot episodes in both Dakotas for states 49 and 50. It reminded him and his crew what a great country the United States is.

“People often feel like they have to ‘get out and see the world’ by leaving the country. But, let me tell you, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives has shown me just how much great, diverse culture is right here within our own borders, and it’s well worth exploring,” he says.

He says that, while people often think the show is just burgers and pizza, there’s also a “very conscious focus on international cuisines.” 

While cross-country travels have expanded his personal culinary repertoire, Fieri says his favorite road trip destination for food is his own home.

“All of the years on the road can make home seem like the vacation,” he says. “So, to be able to get back into my own kitchen and cook for Lori, Hunter, and Ryder is the best.”

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Celebrating local food communities

Now, Fieri is advocating for tourism that supports businesses around the country. He’s looking forward to hitting the road again post-pandemic to celebrate local food communities. In the meantime, he’s calling on consumers to support local mom and pop restaurants.

“There’s a great food experience right around the corner from you. You just have to go find it,” he says. “I’ll tell you, we’re in a big food revolution here, and you really don’t have to go that far to find great food and a great story.”

He’s witnessed the growth of the national food scene, featuring traditional foods, as well as new fare from chefs’ and restaurateurs’ native culture.

“So, whether it’s in your backyard or you’re going to hit the road to find it, I encourage you to support all of these food businesses because without guests, they can’t continue to do what they do,” he says.

Fieri’s latest projects include “Tournament of Champions II,” a bracket-style culinary competition that premieres in March on Food Network; his Santos Tequila partnership with Sammy Hagar; and Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Kitchen, a delivery-only restaurant with 200 locations nationwide.

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