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How to Kickstart an RV Lifestyle Easily

Photo: Courtesy of Lucas Miguel

Living in an RV can offer endless opportunities to rediscover nature. Here’s how you can jumpstart your RV dream.

Interested in exploring America safely and at your own pace? Traveling by RV is the most comfortable, most exciting, and safest way to explore. RVs are self-contained, include their own private bathrooms, kitchens and sleeping quarters, and can be used to find unique, dream-worthy, off-the-grid locations while still providing the comforts of home.

With an RV, you can control your adventure and itinerary. Looking to discover nature and disconnect? Seeking to immerse your family in the outdoors without removing modern conveniences? Interested in working remotely in locations of your choosing? An RV can make these dreams, and many more, a reality. 

How you can kickstart your RV dream

  • Do your research before you go: In this pandemic, planning is very important. Determine where you’d like to travel and map your route, identifying easy gas stops. If possible, pack enough food for your entire trip. If you’re interested in finding unique things to see and do along the way, the Roadtrippers app offers over 9 million points of interest to consider.
  • Determine where you want to stay: Options for where to stay are endless but many require reservations. If you plan to stay in a campground, on rented land, or in national parks, make reservations in advance. National forests and grasslands offer over 33,000 RV spots, many boondocking options (camping without power or water hookups) and are pet friendly. Public lands may not be fully staffed, so it’s important that RVers stay informed and travel with proper supplies.  
  • RV responsibly: It’s our collective responsibility to help protect our public lands and ensure the beautiful outdoor places where families explore remain healthy for years to come. As you RV, it’s important to respect nature, practice proper fire and water safety, and dispose of trash in a responsible way so you leave no trace you were there.

Wondering whether the RV lifestyle is for you? There are many online tools available to help you through the RV journey. You can do your research, build a relationship with your local dealer, engage in the RV community, and explore nature. RVing is an exciting and unique way to experience life.

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