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In today’s economy, where every dollar counts, pet owners are increasingly mindful of how much they spend on their dogs’ needs. Enter Champion Petfoods’ ACANA™ Classics line — a new option for pet owners who demand better nutrition without breaking the bank.

Today’s pet owners are faced with balancing the financial strains of modern life with the desire to provide their pets with high-quality nutrition. Unfortunately, in the world of pet food, quality and affordability are often at odds, and pet owners are forced to choose between nutrition that supports overall health, and low-cost products that won’t put a strain on their household budget.

The pet food industry has witnessed an evolution over the years, and consumer expectations have risen in tandem. Initially, budget-focused pet foods dominated supermarket shelves, catering to the price-sensitive shopper. However, mounting awareness about the impact of diet on pet health has resulted in a shift, with increasingly health-conscious consumers gravitating toward premium offerings that boast quality ingredients.

These premium brands tout high-quality ingredients, higher protein content, and functional health benefits, but can leave pet owners wondering if the added cost is worth it.

The perfect balance

Champion Petfoods recognizes a price barrier exists for some pet owners, which is why they created the value premium ACANA™ Classics line, aiming to deliver top-tier nutrition without the high cost.

Ernie Ambrose

Vice President of Marketing for ACANA™ pet food

“The current economic situation has led many people to reevaluate how they manage their budget,” said Ernie Ambrose, vice president of marketing for ACANA™ pet food. “We developed ACANA™ Classics to bridge the gap between quality and cost, offering a realistic entry point for a premium pet food dogs love.”

ACANA™ Classics offers a meaningful promise to pet owners: nutritious food derived from high-quality ingredients that won’t break the bank. This is achieved through carefully curated ingredients that are high-quality and nutrient-dense.

With fresh or raw chicken, meat, or fish as the first ingredient in each of its recipes, ACANA™ Classics is protein-rich right from the start. This is complemented by wholesome grains, vegetables, and fruits, creating a balanced meal that caters to the overall well-being of pets.

Three signature recipes — Salmon & Barley, Chicken & Barley, and Beef & Barely — are all tailored to meet varied palates and nutritional needs. As Ambrose explained, “Each of these recipes is nutritionally dense, complete, and balanced, with functional health benefits. It may be higher priced than what consumers see at the grocery store, but it ends up being more affordable because you can feed much less per meal due to its nutritional density in comparison to lower-quality foods.”

Supporting pet health

Health benefits from pet food extend beyond just visible vitality. Incorporating Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids into meals contributes to healthy skin and coat, while a carefully balanced mix of nutrients supports digestive and immune health. For pet owners seeking a hassle-free feeding regimen that negates the need for additional supplements, ACANA™ Classics is a compelling choice.

“By intentionally selecting ingredients with proven functional health benefits, we have introduced a new line of foods that don’t require pet lovers to budget for additional supplementation,” Ambrose said.

Already a favorite in Canada — where the Red Meat recipe ranks as the nation’s top dry dog food — the team behind ACANA™ Classics is now bringing these beloved recipes to the United States. For American pet owners, ACANA™ Classics ensures furry friends receive a harmonious blend of quality and affordability, making premium nutrition accessible without the premium price tag.

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