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Catching Up with Lizzy Capri, Her Poodle, and Her Wacky Videos

Photo: Courtesy of Lizzy Capri

Outside of YouTube, Lizzy Capri loves spending time with Milli, her Havanese poodle mix. Still, her videos with Milli were the most fulfilling for her.

How long have you had Milli? What made you pick a Havanese poodle mix?

I’ve had Milli for almost three years now! I wasn’t specifically looking for a Havanese poodle at the time. I was just trying to find a dog that I connected with. My one requirement was that they were hypoallergenic due to my allergies.

I remember the day we met her. It was raining so hard, but I was so happy. As soon as I saw her tiny little face, I instantly knew I had to have her. The rest is history! 

Have you always been a dog lover?

I have been an animal lover since I was young. My family raised two dogs while I was growing up in New York. The first dog I ever had was a large white jindo and the second dog was a a mix between a Maltese and a terrier. So, I was familiar with taking care of a dog. I knew all the joy and love that comes with owning one. Having a pet is such a privilege and I feel so lucky to have Milli!

Do you and Milli have a favorite YouTube video, TikTok, or Instagram post you did together?

My favorite YouTube video is the one where I go to the dollar store and buy everything she touches. The video did so well that I decided to do it again but at a pet store so that we could donate everything Milli touched to a great non-profit organization called Wags and Walks. Wags and Walks spends every day rescuing dogs from kill shelters and finding them forever homes.

During the filming of that video, Milli touched everything from dog food, toys, and even dog beds. I loved making that video with Milli. It felt so amazing to know that our fun little video benefitted the dogs at the shelter and brought attention to the lifesaving work they do every day.  

Tell us about your free pet store. What inspired you to come up with that YouTube idea?

For one of my YouTube videos, I created an entire pet store in my backyard. I thought it would be a cute idea to have a bunch of puppies over and let them pick what they wanted. Everything was totally free! I stocked my store with everything a pet store could offer such as clothes, toys, treats, and even doggy travel bags.

I was inspired by dollar-store video and thought, why don’t I do it on my own scale and create a store where puppies can run free and take anything they want. That’s exactly what we did here. We got some super adorable puppies to run around and get whatever they wanted for free. It was super cute, and I had so much fun filming it.  

If you could give all new pet owners one piece of advice, what would it be?

Patience. Whether you’re getting a brand-new puppy or rescuing a dog, patience is a great tool to learn the personality of your new pet. Also, get ready to make a 15–20-year commitment to your pet. As exciting as it is, it’s also a huge responsibility. You have to make sure you are ready to give your pet the attention, care, and love they deserve!

What is your favorite activity to do with Milli or any pet you have had?

There are so many activities that I enjoy doing with Milli. It’s hard to choose. She’s such an adventurous dog who also knows when to relax. We love going on walks and taking naps.

But my all-time favorite activity with Milli is taking her out on my paddleboard. I’ll strap Milli up in her lifejacket so she’s safe and paddle out a few yards out. We just float on the water. It’s so peaceful.

Another thing we love to do is go hiking! Milli loves to explore and run around so it’s a great activity for both of us to enjoy. I always pack snacks for her once we reach the top of our hike.

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