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Chewie the Pomeranian Shares His Favorite Summer Snacks

Photo: Courtesy of @hi_im_chewie on Instagram

Chewie, a six-year-old Pomeranian mix with a dedicated fanbase of over 120,000 Instagram followers, has been making a name for himself as something of a pet foodie.

According to Chewie’s owners, while he is not on any explicit special diet, he is on a regimen of healthy foods to ensure he’s getting his proper nutrients.  

“He is on a raw diet with added supplements — multivitamin, glucosamine & fish oil,” they say. “Chewie eats one meal and snack per day. On weekdays, he gets fresh fruits and vegetables as a snack for breakfast, and his normal meal with supplements for dinner.”

On weekends, Chewie gets to enjoy his “SCRAMBEE,” which is eggs scrambled in a little water instead of oil. Eggs are a good source of protein, fatty acids, and vitamins for your canine companion, though of course, it is always good to check with your vet before changing up your dog’s diet. 

With summer right around the corner, it’s also time to think about fun seasonal snacks. For Chewie, summer means ice cream. “I usually blend up plain Greek yogurt with fruits,” his owner explains. “I add in strawberries, mangos, or bananas, and I freeze the mixture in little ice cube trays. That’s his favorite summer snack.”

Good dental hygiene is just as important for dogs as it is for their human counterparts. Chewie has an established routine to ensure his teeth stay pearly white, no matter how much ice cream he eats. Dental chew sticks are one way to help a dog fight plaque, for instance, but brushing their teeth is also crucial.“We can’t stress the importance of good oral hygiene,” Chewie’s human companion says. “Over time plaque can build up and cause bad breath, if left uncared for it can cause periodontal diseases and other health problems.” Luckily, Chewie actually enjoys his dental routine, and he even runs to the bathroom when he gets wind that it is brushing time.  

This summer, Chewie will be “enjoying life staying at home, taking naps, and eating yummy snacks all summer long.” Hopefully, he may even be able to get some travelling in. 

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