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Developing the Best Pet CBD Products With Austin and Kat

Kat Donatello, Photo: Courtesy of Julie Austin Photography

One of the first developers of CBD products for pets, Austin and Kat continue to develop the best natural care for your pets.

Can you tell us more about how and why you started Austin & Kat?

My beloved dog, Brady, was aging and needed a little help getting up in the morning. Meanwhile, I had introduced a puppy into the family (hello, Austin). I wanted to keep Brady as healthy as possible. Our vet let us try cannabidiol (CBD) for him. I immediately got to work in the kitchen.

What were some of the first improvements you saw in Brady after he started taking CBD?

Honestly, there were so many iterations in the first batches. But when I eventually came up with a recipe that Brady liked, I knew I was on to something. Within an hour, he was walking around the house like his younger self again.

How did Austin’s demeanor change, compared to Brady’s?

As a rambunctious pup, Austin had a completely different set of needs. Unlike Brady, Austin was always up by 5:30 a.m. After a CBD regimen, he relaxed into his daily routine. He can even go off-leash while hiking. Honestly, Austin is the dog he is today because of how incredibly healthy he is.

How does a prospective customer decide which product will be best for their furry friend?

Look for complete transparency. We share our lab results online and work with top vets and nutritionists. We provide the best ingredients to create the most effective hemp pet supplements.

We’ve been in this space for a longer time than most. It’s an ever-changing space. I’ll always encourage my customers to find authentic and reliable products.

Do you have a go-to product for your own pets?

Brady, though he’s since passed on, inspired our senior dog blend, with things like turmeric, glucosamine, chondroitin, and New Zealand green mussel to help keep your aging pet comfortable.

And for Bailey, my nervous nellie, my No More Wiggles tincture helps during anxious situations.  It’s made with calming botanicals like valerian, rosemary, and passionflower to keep the jumpy dogs calm and quiet.

I give Austin my original recipe biscuits, made with coconut oil, turmeric, cinnamon, apples, and peanut butter.

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