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Discussing Pet Fitness with Fitness Expert Jillian Michaels

Photo: Courtesy of Don Flood Professional Pictures

A fitness expert herself, Jillian Michaels prioritizes her rescue dogs’ health as much as she can with her family.

What inspired you to adopt from Reversed Rescue?

My girlfriend, Deshanna Minuto, was exploring the work of different rescues during the pandemic. She loved that Ty at Reversed Rescue had such a passion for rehabilitating dogs with specific issues. He works with different organizations globally to rescue street dogs and find them good homes. So, she found our newest addition, Memphis, a street dog from Lebanon.

Do your dog’s follow any specific diet?

My goal is to give them fresh grain-free foods—no hormones or antibiotics. For example, chicken, turkey, beef with sweet potato, kale, garbanzo beans, and a lot of others. We also give the dogs probiotics and omega vitamins.

How do you manage your time working, being a mother, and owning a dog while everyone is home?

We are fortunate to work as a team—myself, my girlfriend, and even my ex. It takes a village—literally!

Photo: Courtesy of Jillian Michaels w/ Pet & Kids

Do you have any tips for prioritizing both your health and your pet’s health simultaneously?

Obviously, you want your furry family member to live their longest and healthiest life. Many of the same rules apply: get them exercise and give them whole foods when you can. Many dog food companies do this now, like Nom Nom or Just Food For Dogs. 

What is your favorite quarantine activity to do with your dog?

We love to take them hiking! Deshanna sometimes takes Memphis on a long run (she’s a runner, I’m not). And sometimes, I take our smaller dog on a paddle board for some fresh air and adventure.

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