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Hi, I’m Chewie, The High-Five Pom

Photos: Courtesy of @hi_im_Chewie

Because of COVID-19, Chewie (@hi_im_chewie) has paused his traveling days and is now staying at home. His paw-rents discuss how life changed since the lockdown.

How has COVID-19 changed your daily schedule?

We, Chewie’s human mom and dad, both have full-time jobs. We started Chewie’s account to document his life in a fun way. As his platform started gaining more recognition, he got invites to hotels, restaurants, movie premieres, and other fun events.

However, because of COVID-19, a lot of these events have been canceled. Naturally, Chewie’s life changed. He can’t share his life traveling to new places, trying new restaurants, and staying at trending pet-friendly hotels anymore. Instead, he’s sharing his life as a stay-at-home pom-kid. He sleeps most of the time while we’re working from home. Other times, he plays in our backyard. His daily life has indeed changed but we can’t wait to go back to how things were. We miss seeing our friends and sharing all the new pet-friendly places that we’ve been to.

What is one of your top diet needs?

We don’t have any specific diet needs. We just try to eat a well-balanced diet. Although, cheat days are getting more popular in our house. Chewie is a picky eater and does not usually eat the food in his photos. We are his taste testers for all human food. But Chewie loves his ice cream, mangoes, and sweet potatoes.

As a food lover, do you have a favorite new food trend?

This is a tough question. We love food, all types of food. Since COVID-19, we’ve been cooking a lot more at home. It’s going great. We dug up our old family recipes, trying to recreate all the yummy dishes that we missed having before COVID-19. Home-cooked meals have been our food trend lately.

Have you had to make any diet changes over the years to better support your health?

We just try to consume a balanced diet. Do we eat super healthy? No. Do we love eating? Yes. We’ve eliminated alcohol consumption over the years. Although, once in a while, we will have a glass of wine or whisky. As for Chewie, we’ve been adding in more supplements into his food to support overall health.

What has been your favorite quarantine activity?

Spending quality time together at home. Before, between our busy work schedule and scheduling Chewie’s event calendar, we never had any downtime to just enjoy life. We recently got engaged, so we spent a lot of time planning out our wedding next year. As for Chewie, he is definitely enjoying all the time with us. He’s getting more snacks and unlimited belly scratches all throughout the day.

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