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How Doug The Pug Is Treated for Anxiety

doug the pug-leslie mosier-anxiety-separation anxiety
doug the pug-leslie mosier-anxiety-separation anxiety

Owner of the Internet’s most famous dog, Doug The Pug, Leslie Mosier shares her tips for combatting pet anxiety.


Leslie Mosier

Doug The Pug’s Owner

We cannot hear our pets tell us they are in pain, but we should always look for warning signs. How did you notice that Doug was suffering from separation anxiety?

Doug’s tail is very expressive, and it will drop if he is upset or nervous. He will also pace a bit and try to be as close to me as possible. Other signs include excessive barking and paw licking. Through training and repetition we have worked on this, and he now lays in his bed when we leave and is a lot calmer.

From your experience with Doug, what do you believe is the greatest way for animal owners to combat anxiety and better their pet’s overall mental state?

With Doug we love to make sure he is active and stimulated — going for walks, going to the park, and having other dog friends come over. If we notice that Doug is visibly upset for some reason, we will quite literally lay on the ground with him and give him a big burst of love and pets. That always seems to help! One thing I’ve been doing recently is not getting out of bed with Doug until he’s had his morning belly rubs, tail wags, and stretches. It just starts the day off on a happy note! 

doug the pug-leslie mosier-anxiety-pet anxiety
Doug and Leslie

Doug is an experienced traveler and celebrity. Are there any products or practices you find work best to ensure Doug’s physical and emotional comfortability when traveling and meeting people?

Doug’s stroller has been a game changer. If you have a small dog, I highly recommend it. Being in a city setting weaving through a lot of people can be stressful. However, when he is in his stroller he is safe and treated like a prince. We also bring Doug’s blanket with us that has his smells of home, and we could never leave home without his lamby stuffed animal — that gives him instant comfort when we get to a hotel! 

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