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Across the country, access to affordable veterinary care is simply inadequate. The team at Dutch — a forward-thinking online platform that conveniently connects people with fully-licensed veterinarians — aims to change that, pointing out that about 50% of its clients have never been to the vet before.

“This is about being the first line of care,” said Dr. Brian Evans, D.V.M., Dutch’s medical director. “Rather than go down the rabbit-hole of Googling issues about your pet — which is dangerous — we can offer reliable and trustworthy resources.

“And we can’t solve everything remotely. We’ll always be an adjunct to in-person care. But we can handle problems like behavioral issues, allergies, separation anxiety, ear infections, and skin issues, as well as provide up-to-date treatment plans for ticks or flea infestations, among other things.”

Partnering with founder and CEO Joe Spector (who co-founded Hims), Dr. Evans developed Dutch’s veterinary telehealth system with top-notch, board-certified specialists, including veterinary behaviorists and experts in veterinary dermatology and internal medicine.

Gaining access to the Dutch platform is straightforward: Clients sign up for a membership on a monthly ($25) or annual ($180, which would be $15 per month) basis at rates that are much lower than what they’d pay for individual brick-and-mortar vet-visits. Members receive unlimited remote consultations and follow-ups, along with messaging services for urgent inquiries and free delivery of prescriptions.

For the latter, a vet licensed in the pet owner’s state will carefully go over the animal’s medical history before prescribing any medication and creating a science-backed treatment plan. And if the pet needs in-person or emergency care, the tele-vet will provide a referral.

“The speed of care we can extend — especially to people in rural areas or anywhere where vet-offices are lacking — is unmatched,” Dr. Evans added. “But our clients also save on commuting time and expenses. For pets, there’s less stress since they’re being seen from the comfort of their home. And many vets have closed their offices because of burnout, but this way they can be more efficient, too. So, ultimately, the platform benefits everyone involved.”

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