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How Hemp Is Changing the Way You Treat Your Pet

Photo: Courtesy of Manuel Meza

What are the main benefits of Hemp/CBD oil for pets?

CBD reduces inflammation, calms anxiety, eases stress, stops seizures, stops cancerous tumors and has even been shown to shrink tumors, and restores homeostasis to the body. My 11-year-old schnauzer no longer suffers from debilitating joint pain and arthritis after using CBD. My 17-year-old rescue regained the ability to walk. My Doberman no longer suffers from thunderstorm anxiety because of CBD.

What are the most common misconceptions regarding Hemp/CBD Oil?

One of the most common misconceptions is that your pet will get “high” or that full-spectrum hemp CBD oil is the same as giving marijuana to your dog. It is not.

The amount of THC, the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant associated with getting “high,” in hemp is less than 0.3 percent. Nobody, can get high from that small amount.  

How do I know if my dog would be a good fit for Hemp/CBD Oil?

Your dog does not have to be suffering to benefit from Full Spectrum Hemp/CBD oil. In fact, it is a great preventative step you can take to keep your dog healthy. 

How is Hemp/CBD Changing the pet industry?

Full Spectrum Hemp/CBD presents real, holistic options, where traditional medicine has failed them. It is empowering pet owners to make decisions for their pets beyond just what the big pharmaceutical companies want to push.

Angela Ardolino Founder/CEO of CBD Dog Health, [email protected]

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