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How Nala the Cat is Treated for Pet Anxiety

Photos: Courtesy of Pookie

Even the world’s most Instagram-famous cat (@nala_cat) suffers from all-too-common pet anxiety. Her owner shares how Nala copes and what treatments she recommends.

When does Nala experience the most anxiety?

Nala has always been pretty good when it comes to anxiety. We’ve traveled a lot to various events within the United States and she’s always seemed pretty relaxed about it as she soaked up the love and attention from her fans. Since we no longer travel to events with Nala, she seems to have had a mild increase in anxiety when we go to her routine veterinarian appointments. She does well overall, but we can see an obvious increase of impatience during car rides. 

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What are the best tools you have found to help Nala when she experiences anxiety?

We found that a natural calming spray helps tremendously when she’s traveling in her pet carrier. 

Have you utilized pet CBD to help Nala with either anxiety or pain issues? 

We look at CBD as more of a supplement that should be taken in small doses everyday versus on an as-needed basis. We believe that the receptors need time to prime before you really see the benefits that CBD has to offer. Nala is considered a senior kitty and is likely to have more joint aches than a younger feline, so we give her CBD for that. 

When do you find CBD to be most useful for Nala?

We believe CBD is useful every day! If you’re thinking about adding CBD to your daily routine, we encourage you to purchase it from a brand you can trust. Some things we look for in a brand is testing. Each batch should be tested to ensure quality and safety of the product.

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The CBD test results should be easy to find for consumer transparency. Proper dosing is also very important, so stick with brands that create products with simple dosing like CBD Soft Chews. The CBD brand that we trust is CBDmd for all of those reasons.

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