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Chronic inflammation slows pets down. Here’s what they need to pick back up.

“The most common cause of chronic inflammation in small animals is osteoarthritis,” says veterinarian Heather A. Davis, DVM. “Typically, pet owners notice that their animal has difficulty going up and down stairs or getting up and down on furniture or they were very active, and now they’re less active.”

There’s no cure, and failure to reduce the chronic inflammation can cause tissue damage. Treatments like steroids or NSAIDs may help, but can also have unwanted side effects.  Alternatively, health supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate are often used to manage pet joint pain.

Easing the pain

One line of products is helping ease joint pain and inflammation in animal companions. Only Duralactin contains Microlactin®, a natural milk protein which supports joint health and assists in inflammation reduction.

The once-a-day dose, which is available as flavored soft chews for both dogs and cats, is ideal for long-term use with minimal side effects. Peak results happen in as little as 10-14 days.

In scientific studies, 68 percent of dogs treated with Microlactin® showed an overall clinical improvement versus 35 percent of dogs that received the placebo.

Dr. Davis, veterinary product development manager with Pegasus Laboratories, maker of Duralactin products, saw the positive effect firsthand when she gave it to her older dog,

“His activity level drastically increased,” she says. “He was jumping on and off furniture, running and playing and so as an overall support to the system.”

Duralactin products are made for dogs, cats, and horses. See how Duralactin can help your companion manage chronic inflammation at

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