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Lifestyle and Wellness Blogger Mimi Connelly on Easing Anxiety in Her Dogs

Mimi Connelly (Left) and Obe (Right), Photo: Courtesy of @mimis_meals on Instagram

San Francisco-based influencer Mimi Connelly gained an online following after sharing her story of struggling with anorexia and bulimia.

Her story resonated with people: Now, the blogger has 31,000 Instagram followers and counting. Though she doesn’t make meals — “it’s part of the bit,” she quips on her Instagram profile — she does gush about her passion for health and wellness online. 

Now, Connelly is channeling these habits when raising her two Shetland sheepdogs, including one, Obe, both of whom she adopted while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. One particular struggle is Obe’s anxiety, Connelly explained. “He definitely struggles with separation anxiety. My mom keeps him in the kitchen, and whenever someone is not in the kitchen, Obe will start howling,” she said. Connelly added that sometimes both of her pups will do circles in the kitchen and jump on chairs to look out the window at squirrels.

During thunderstorms or especially anxious days, thunder jackets, which use gentle pressure to soothe dogs who may be stressed or fearful, are a go-to. But when Connelly began seeing Instagram advertisements for CBD for dogs, she decided to give it a try to help calm her furry companions — a tactic that has “made a really big difference,” she said.

“Connecting back to Mimi’s Meals, health is not just what you eat, but also various vitamins and supplements you take, and your environment,” Connelly said. As a result, Connelly tries to take her dogs on as many routine walks as possible and lets them roam around the house.If you’re looking to improve your dogs’ mental health, don’t discount nutrition. Connelly explained that she switched her dogs’ food to one based on whole ingredients.

As mentioned, Connelly also emphasized the importance of regular exercise. During the pandemic, Connelly lived in Ohio where winter temperatures aren’t always attractive for walks. She purchased an automated fetch machine to allow her dogs to play indoors, where it was warmer.

But now that the weather has warmed up, the game of fetch has moved outside. This summer, Connelly said she’s looking forward to more outdoor play, including trips to Vermont, where her pups enjoy swimming.


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