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Prep Your Pup For the Plane With Tips from Doug the Pug

Photo: Leslie Mosier and Rob Chianelli

Being the Momager to Doug the Pug means that we are presented with a lot of amazing travel opportunities. We have traveled to 17 states, and even internationally to Barcelona, London and Canada. Luckily, Doug has an incredibly calm temperament and actually loves the act of traveling — to Doug, going to the airport is just as exciting as going to the park.

Pack the essentials  

When traveling with your dog, you have to be prepared for absolutely everything, whether it be a cancelled flight (good thing you brought your extra supply of dog food) or a not-so-hygienic airport floor (that’s what a small blanket is for).

First of all, we have a backpack that has all of our essentials for Doug. In ours, we have baby wipes, a few extra meals of dog food, extra poop bags, treats, his favorite antler bone, a small travel blanket, a collapsible bowl, his health certificate and a lint roller. If you think you’re going to need it, you probably will. I also buy a bottle of water for Doug as soon as we arrive at the airport, but remember to give it sparingly. Take advantage of the pet relief areas in the airport when needed.

Prepare for nap-time

When we fly, Doug goes in a Sherpa carrier that fits right under the seat in front of me. The morning of a flight I give him a long walk to make sure he will want to take a nap (even though he always does anyway). Always call your airline well in advance and be prepared for the airline’s fees.

Doug’s love for going to new places never ceases to amaze me, and I’m very happy to see that it’s becoming easier and more pet-friendly to travel with your dog. Here’s to making memories in new places with your furry friends

Leslie Mosier, CEO and Founder, Doug the Pug, [email protected]

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