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Take a Bite Out of Holiday Shopping With This Pet Gift Guide

Don’t forget, pet parents — your furry family members want presents, too. From teacups to giants and Fidos to felines, we’ve got a great gift for every pet on your list.

1. Loving Pets’ Ora-Bone™ USA Dental Chew

Just like in humans, excellent dental and oral care is critical to a dog’s quality of life — dental disease is tied directly to heart health, so poor care can shorten a dog’s life. With up to two times the cleaning surface area of similar products, Loving Pets’ Ora-Bone™ offers a patent-pending design that promotes better movement in the mouth and improved interaction with gums, teeth and tongue. The varied textured surfaces remove tartar and prevent buildup for improved oral and dental health, and three breath-freshening ingredients freshen your dog’s breath. Loving Pets’ Ora-Bone™ is crafted entirely in the United States and conveniently available in three sizes: small, medium and large. 

2. goDog® RhinoPlay™ Beast™ & goDog® RhinoPlay™ Beast Jr™

The goDog® RhinoPlay™ Beast™ ball and Beast Jr™ ball never go flat, even when punctured by rough play and sharp teeth. Beast and Beast Jr. are made from light but very durable foam, they float and they’re great for both indoor or outdoor play.  

3. Petlinks® Rowdy Rustler™

All cat owners know that a bored kitty often means a destructive kitty. The Petlinks® Rowdy Rustler™ is the irresistible, rustling, spinning toy that will keep your cat entertained for hours. It even comes with a small tent for added hide-n-peek fun. The Rustler offers three ways to play: First, you can use the spinning ball alone for a game of bat-and-chase. Or you can leave the toy under the tent for teasing hide-and-peek fun. Finally, you can let the tent collapse and watch the rustling sounds bring out the hunter in your cat. The Rowdy Rustler works great for enticing even the laziest cat to play and get moving.

4. SHERPA® Comfort Ride™ Pet Travel Carrier

No matter what your travels plans are for the holidays, your pet can travel in style and comfort with SHERPA®’s new Comfort Ride Carrier. The Comfort Ride is offered in medium and large, with a sleek outer shell. An innovative design with a wider oval base provides superior comfort for your pet. For easy cleaning, the base zips off, and a zip-off top offers easy loading and unloading. Puncture and chew-resistant mesh on three sides provides maximum ventilation and durability, and the SHERPA® Comfort Ride carrier folds down for easy storage and transport on the go. SHERPA® is the only line of carriers that is backed by the Guaranteed On-Board® program.

5. IVS QuickBath™ Grooming Wipes for Dogs and Cats

Get your pet holiday ready in a flash with QuickBath™ Wipes for Dogs and Cats, created by International Veterinary Sciences (IVS). If you have mere minutes to spare before holiday guests arrive and suddenly notice a messy dog or cat, QuickBath™ Wipes are the perfect answer for a quick cleanup. Made in the United States, QuickBath™ wipes are formulated with Vitamins A & E and Aloe Vera to promote healthy skin and coat while leaving your pet clean and shiny. Following IVS’s promise of delivering products that use the highest quality Human-Grade standards and ingredients, the wipes are pH Neutral and Alcohol Free and available in three options: Small Dog, Large Dog and Cat.

Photos: Courtesy of Jaime Cody Photography

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