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“The Bachelorette’s” Becca Kufrin and Her Adorable Dog, Minno

Becca Kufrin loves her rescue corgi so much that she jokes that she wants her fur-baby to outlive her. Learn more about their quirky relationship.

Why did you decide to rescue Minno?

I’ve always grown up with dogs and knew that it was something I deeply wanted, but I’ve never had to ability to rescue one of my own. While living in South California, I heard about a local organization called Bunny’s Buddies that rescues dogs from the kill shelters and meat markets in China and South Korea. It just broke my heart knowing so many dogs were stuck in these horrible places. I connected with the organization and mentioned that if they ever happened to come across a corgi that needed a loving home, hit a girl up!

Have you had any medical scares with Minno?

Anytime something is remotely off is a scare to me. I’m so overly cautious and paranoid with her since she’s my little fur-baby, but there haven’t been any major scares.

As of late, the worst thing to happen was a really bad allergy; she licked her paws raw and bloody. I quickly determined that it was her diet causing these issues. She’s allergic to poultry. A change of diet was all she needed.

How important is your relationship with Minno’s vet to you?

I probably put my relationship with my vet above my own doctor’s! Because I am so overly paranoid with her health and happiness, I knew I needed to find a caring, accessible vet to take good care of her. Luckily, many of my friends, who were also dog owners, passed along some great recommendations for the different areas that we’ve lived in.

How do you keep Minno’s health a top priority?

Minno’s health is a number-one priority to me. I’m a dog mom who got Minno her own health insurance. I also made her into a certified emotional support animal so she can travel with me. She’s chipped, registered in our city, and always given daily vitamins and supplements. I joke that I want her to outlive me, so I take her health the most seriously.

What is your favorite activity to do with Minno?

My absolute favorite activity to do with Minno is taking her to the dog beach. She absolutely loves being at the beach and romping around with other dogs. She is such a water baby, so it’s adorable to watch her venture out into the big waves and hop through the water like a little bunny.

Her favorite pastime is to be chased by other dogs. I swear she turns into the Energizer Bunny when she’s at the dog beach. I just have to be careful she doesn’t dig too much and start making her own sandcastles.

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