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The Best Grooming Practices for Cats

Photo: Courtesy of Pookie

The owner of the most famous cat on Instagram (@nala_cat) shares her best grooming tips and tricks.

What grooming practices do you use with Nala?

Nala grooms herself pretty well most of the time. We brush her often to help remove shedding fur. Nala has received a couple of baths when her fur felt dirty and sticky. She doesn’t seem to mind baths much, but we prefer to wipe her down with pet wipes whenever possible. 

What do you think are the most important actions pet owners should take to keep their cats clean and safe?

Pet parents can keep their cats clean by helping them as needed. They sell grooming wipes that I highly recommend every kitty parent have in their home. Nala uses a hypoallergenic version, and it works great! You can keep your cats safe by keeping them indoors, removing toxic items from your home, taking them in for annual visits with their veterinarian, and keeping their microchip updated. 

Has Nala ever dealt with fleas or ticks? If so, what treatments did you use or if not, what preventative methods do you take?

Nala has not had fleas or ticks, but she does take a flea medication since she lives with a dog brother that spends time outside. I encourage pet parents to ask their vet for a flea medication recommendation. 

Do you think it’s important to brush or shampoo your cat? If so, what are your favorite tools and products?

It’s very important to brush your cat. It removes dirt, grease, and shedding fur and can help with circulation. Our favorite tools are the ZoomGroom and Furminator. 

How often do you think cat owners should trim their cat’s nails? How important do you think this is?

Every cat is different, so I encourage kitty parents to check on their cat’s nails every couple of weeks. We cut Nala’s nails every three to six weeks, and although she doesn’t enjoy it, we know it’s best for her. If their nails go untrimmed, they can grow continuously and eventually grow into the pads of their paws. This is an extremely painful process. When their nails are long, they can accidentally scratch you, themselves, or other furry family members. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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