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The Role of Vet Care in Keeping Your Pet Healthy This Summer

Many pet owners face barriers when trying to access care for their pets. Fortunately, pet owners and veterinarians can work together to keep pets healthy.

As we enter the summer months, there are several things pet owners can do to keep their pets safe and healthy. Look out for symptoms of overheating including drooling, excessive panting or difficulty breathing, mild weakness, seizures, and an elevated body temperature (over 104 degrees). Keep your pets safe from fireworks and loud noises by leaving them at home in a quiet, sheltered, and escape-proof area rather than bringing them to gatherings. When your pets do go to gatherings with you, be sure to keep party snacks and drinks away from them.

Scheduling regular check-ups for your pet is also an important part of keeping them healthy.  Unfortunately, for many families, accessing care for their pets can be challenging. Over the past decade, veterinary medicine has seen increasing specialization and tremendous advancements in the treatment of many conditions. However, this has also led to a growing gap between the care that is possible and the care that is within reach of many families. Many factors influence the cost of care. By working together, veterinarians and families can ensure pets receive the care they need.   

Improving access to care

For many conditions, veterinarians may discuss multiple diagnostic and treatment approaches for the family to consider. These may range from simple, less invasive, and often less expensive options to more aggressive, technologically advanced, and expensive approaches. Pet owners can and should have transparent conversations with their veterinarian about the range of treatment options available to determine which fits the unique family circumstances and aligns with their goals of care for their pet.  

Such conversations may especially benefit pet owners who face financial obstacles to care. For owners who struggle to access veterinary clinics, including those who face transportation issues or live in rural areas, veterinary telemedicine offers an innovative lifeline. The ASPCA is working with state lawmakers across the country to modernize veterinary practice acts and empower veterinarians to use telemedicine as an additional tool to diagnose conditions or provide treatments, rather than being limited to the sometimes challenging veterinary clinic visit. We encourage pet owners to speak with their veterinarians about the range of care options and use telemedicine technology whenever it is legally available and medically appropriate to do so. To learn more about how you can work with your veterinarian to keep your pet healthy this summer, visit the ASPCA’s website.

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