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Seasonal shedding can affect your pet’s health and your home’s hygiene. The right grooming tools make all the difference.

Spring is in the air — and if you share your home with a pet, so is Shedding Season. Many dog and cat breeds shed seasonally, typically in the spring and fall. That means your house is about to become Shed Central.

Proper grooming of pets during shedding season is essential for their health — and your sanity. Aside from general discomfort for your pet, Shedding Season also leads to increased allergic reactions due to the buildup of loose, dead hair, and can make it more difficult to detect fleas and ticks.

“These seasonal changes require more frequent brushing and de-shedding to control the natural process during this time of year,” explained Deirdre Heneghan, assistant marketing manager of Conair’s Pet Division, “as well as improving your pet’s skin and coat.”

The importance of grooming

“Regular grooming is essential with all breeds,” Heneghan added, “although some breeds require more involved maintenance than others.”

Different dog and cat breeds have different kinds of coats, but regular brushing removes loose hair and tangles and helps distribute natural oils produced by your pet’s skin that protect their fur and keep it looking shiny and soft.

Proper grooming can prevent a long list of problems, including excessive hairballs, matting, and infections. And regular grooming allows you to get up close and inspect your pet — changes in their coat are often the first signs of health issues.

Making your home grooming easy and comfortable for both you and your pets starts with the proper grooming tools. “The right tools can be a game-changer,” Heneghan said.

Even if you take your pet to a professional groomer on a regular basis, it’s important to perform maintenance grooming in between those appointments. Every pet owner’s grooming arsenal should include a few fundamental items:


The CONAIRPROPET Pet-It® 3” Deshedder

A deshedder removes excess hair from the undercoat without harming the topcoat. The CONAIRPROPET line, which offers a broad assortment of grooming solutions to empower pet parents to groom right at home, includes the CONAIRPROPET Pet-It® 3” Deshedder.

This tool fits naturally in the palm of your hand, and the blade pivots so you can brush in any direction. It makes it easy to groom anywhere with a natural petting motion while sitting on the couch or outside.

Undercoat rakes

The CONAIRPROPET Undercoat Rake

For pets with double or heavy coats, a tool like the CONAIRPROPET Undercoat Rake can make a huge difference. “It’s another de-shedding essential,” Heneghan noted. “It gently removes loose hair and undercoat.”

Slicker brushes

The CONAIRPROPET Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

“A slicker brush is a staple item,” Heneghan said. “It helps control tangles and matting, as well as removing loose hair.”

Ideal for maintenance grooming between more thorough grooming sessions, an example is the CONAIRPROPET Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush. It’s designed to be comfortable to hold, with a self-cleaning button for easy removal of the built-up hair, CONAIRPROPET also offers slickers in a range of shapes and sizes to accommodate different breeds.



For less-intense home maintenance grooming, a comb with stainless steel pins can gently de-tangle your pet’s coat to remove knots and snags and prevent them from getting worse. The CONAIRPROPET Medium Comb is designed to be safe and easy to use, with teeth that glide through your pet’s coat without penetrating to the skin beneath.

Nail grinders and nail clippers

The CONAIRPROPET Corded Nail Grinder

“It’s crucial to incorporate regular nail trimming to help maintain the overall well-being of your pet,” notes Heneghan. CONAIRPROPET offers an assortment of nail care solutions to allow you to choose what works best for you and your pet.

There are many reasons to make grooming your pet a habit during Shedding Season — and the rest of the year. “It will benefit you and your pet,” Heneghan said, “but it’s also just a great bonding opportunity!”

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