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The Traveling Tuna’s Tips for Pet-Friendly Hotel Stays

Traveling with Tuna is one of my greatest joys, and throughout our adventures we have stayed at some incredible, pet-friendly hotels. Below are some tips for bringing your pups with you on your travels.

Where to book

Since Tuna is usually traveling with us, it is very important that we stay at a pet-friendly hotel. I also look for a central location, a well-designed interior, and a property that has great food and beverage outlets. To find a great place, you can filter “pet-friendly” hotels on search engines, or visit for a curated list of Tuna’s favorite pet-friendly places to stay in the U.S. and U.K.

Call to confirm

Before booking a reservation, I recommend calling the hotel to verify that it is pet-friendly because assuming will leave you inconvenienced. Trust me. I’ve been there. Also, some hotels have weight and breed restrictions, and oftentimes there is a pet fee. So when you call to inquire, specifically ask for a complete list of their pet policies.

Pack the essentials

If your dogs are anything like Tuna, they like to sleep in the main bed, but if they (or you) prefer their own cozy space, most hotels provide pet beds. They also usually provide food and water bowls, and sometimes they offer other complimentary goodies depending on the hotel’s pet program. I always bring two collapsible bowls just in case and enough dog food for the duration of our stay, along with poop bags, treats, and Tuna’s favorite toy.

Ensure security

I personally refrain from posting on social media where we are staying until we’ve checked out, and I recommend this for your pup too for its security. If you need to leave your pup in the room alone, leave the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door and notify the hotel that you’ll be leaving. Additionally, if you own a dog or nanny cam that is internet connected, this is a great way to check in on your dog while you are away from the room.

Know your dog

Tuna leaves rooms better than when he found them, which makes traveling with him easy. If your dog is a chronic shedder, doesn’t hold its bladder well, or is an incessant barker, I would encourage you to look into leaving it at home with a trusted sitter so as not to disrupt the experience of other guests staying at the hotel.

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