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Three Tips for Boosting Holistic Pet Health and Well-Being

According to the 2021-2022 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 35 percent of pet owners say they spent more on their pet and pet supplies in the last 12 months than in the preceding year, including wellness-related products. To ensure that your pet remains healthy throughout the year, consider these top tips from the American Pet Products Association.

1. Schedule a trip to the vet

Regular veterinary visits are key to keeping pets happy and healthy. On average, pet owners schedule vet visits 2.7 times per year for dogs, 2.2 times per year for cats, and 2.9 times per year for birds. Whether it’s a routine physical, vaccination appointment, or flea/tick prevention, visits with your veterinarian help your pet stay in tip-top shape.

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2. Prioritize exercise

Pets need plenty of exercise to help build muscle and get their hearts pumping. Just 30 minutes of exercise a day can boost pets’ mood and overall health. Forty-two percent of dog owners report that exercising their pet has led to increased physical activity for themselves and consider it an overall benefit of pet ownership.

3. Invest in pet wellness

Owners are turning towards vitamins, treats, and alternative remedies when it comes to optimizing their pet’s health. In fact, 44 percent of dog owners report giving their pet some type of vitamin or other supplement to help their pet feel his or her best. Many supplements have functional benefits for pets, such as reduced stress and anxiety, improved cognitive development, and boosted immunity. Explore your options when it comes to pet products, keeping in mind what will work best for your pet’s needs. Investing in quality products can help prevent issues and save stress down the line.

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The American Pet Products Association is proud to serve established pet industry players who value pet wellness in their business practices. For more information, visit AmericanPetProducts.org.

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