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Wellness Tips from the Most Popular Cat on Instagram

Photos: Courtesy of Megan Dacus

Cats look and feel their best when they’re getting proper nutrition. Kitty influencer Nala is spreading the wellness message on Instagram.

You exercise, eat well, and tend to your mental health, so why wouldn’t you prioritize your cat’s wellness in the same ways?

For Nala the Cat, the Guinness World Record title holder for Most Popular Cat on Instagram, these tenets are at top of mind for her owner. It’s no wonder others have taken interest in her routine. On Instagram, 4.4 million users follow Nala, a 9-year-old Siamese and tabby mix who was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Southern California at 5 months old. Nala “uses her platform to encourage adoption, proper nutrition, and overall spread happiness,” her owner said.

Take a look at Nala’s profile, and you’ll see she has a lush gray, black, and white coat and aqua-blue eyes. You may not realize it, but these glowing features are potential signs of good health in your feline friend. “Skin and coat can reveal indicators about your cat’s health, so we often monitor that. Eyes are the windows to the soul and health,” Nala’s owner explained.

What does Nala eat to maintain her physical and emotional health? Diet is of particular concern, and she eats mostly wet food, her owner said. That’s because cats are prone to dehydration — and wet food contains about 70 percent water. “Nala enjoys chicken and tuna recipes that are grain-free with meat as the first ingredient,” her owner said, encouraging owners to pay attention to their cats’ food labels. “Some of the fancy words might scare you, but it might just be a scientific term for vitamins.” 

Also, know that just like no diet is good for everyone, the best cat diet isn’t one-size-fits-all. “For example, we have a kitty with [irritable bowel disease], and he needs to be on a prescription diet,” Nala’s owner said. “We have another kitty with a protein allergy that requires a hypoallergenic diet. Understanding your cat’s health will help determine the best nutritional plan, and that plan might change as your cat ages.” 

Nala’s owner furthermore ensures that her felines are stimulated with daily play. “It keeps them physically fit and allows them to hunt, stalk, and exercise their other primal activities.”

In addition to going to annual vet visits, monitor your cat’s water intake and be sure water is accessible throughout your home. Last but not least, pay attention to their mental state so you can make adjustments to their diet or other aspects of wellness. “It’s important to understand how your cat is feeling,” Nala’s owner said, “and make accommodations to keep them happy.”

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