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Why You Should Buy Pet-Safe Ice Melt

We spoke with Pete Vercouteren, founder of The Green Earth Deicer Company, Inc., to learn more about keeping pets safe outdoors this winter.

Pete Vercouteren

Founder, The Green Earth Deicer Company, Inc.

Why is it important to have pet-safe ice melt?

Dogs’ and cats’ paws are sensitive to chloride ice melters. While magnesium chloride is sold in stores as “pet-safe” ice melt, it is still a chloride. Urea-based ice melters are also rather poor ice melters. Urea is basically fertilizer and contains ammonia. Look for ice melt that’s pure calcium magnesium acetate, which is non-corrosive, chloride-free, and safe around vegetation. It will not burn paws like chlorides will. It is also safe if animals happen to ingest a small amount. 

What are the typical dangers that kids and pets face from ice melts?

Chloride ice melts can burn skin and paws. Chlorides are harmful to vegetation and harmful when ingested.

What should consumers look for when they are purchasing ice melt?

Look for ice melts that are safe for the environment and safe around their pets and loved ones.

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