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Becki Owens and Tamra Day Tell Us How to Refresh Our Space This Spring

Becki Owens (left) and Tamra Day (right), Photos: Courtesy of Rebekah Westover & Growing Day Portraits

Becki Owens, interior designer and lifestyle influencer, and Tamra Day, host of DIY Network’s “Bargain Mansions” offers a few low-effort, big-impact ways to give your home a new look as the weather gets warmer. 

As the weather gets warmer how can homeowners design an outdoor entertainment space they truly love?

Becki Owens: I like to think of your outdoor spaces as an extension of your indoor design. Consider outdoor furniture that blends in color and style with the furniture inside your home. Use an indoor/outdoor rug as the foundation for your outdoor space and select pieces that are comfortable and allow for plenty of seating to relax and entertain. Now days there are so many great options for outdoor textiles. Style your outdoor furniture with pretty pillows to make it look complete.  

Tamra Day: I have first-hand experience in this because our backyard was one of the worst areas in our house, and this year we decided it was time to give it a complete overhaul. I recommend prioritizing a list of your top wants to help start the process and not get too overwhelmed right out of the gate. For us, a few priorities were having privacy from our neighbors, a space to cook in, and a space to hang out. Weather in Kansas City is hot and cold and everything in-between, so a fireplace was really important to us for outdoor entertaining and hanging out on chilly nights. Instead of doing spindles or an open railing, I opted for a solid patterned railing to allow privacy from our neighbors—it’s a little quieter, hides views into a neighbor’s yard, and looks great visually. Adding a pizza oven has been one of my favorite additions to the outdoor space, it brings everyone together and even my teenage boys enjoy cooking dinner on pizza nights!  

What are your top tips for curb appeal and enhancing the exterior of the home?

BO: Painting the outside of your home is one of the best values for your money. It will completely transform your whole home, making it look fresh and updated. I also recommend swapping out your outdoor lighting for with something a little more simple and modern. There are great options online that are affordable for even as little as $40 a sconce. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to freshen up your outdoor spaces, place beautiful black, cement, or terracotta pots by your front door with new flower or succulents. Those paired with a new doormat will make a great first impression. 

TD: New gutters and a fresh coat of paint make all the difference. One trend that we have embraced in our own recent home renovation is a trim-less, all one color look while letting the gutters be a highlighted element.

How can certain elements of design revamp an old space and give it an entirely different look?

BO: f I had to pick one thing to start with when remodeling a home, it would be paint. Paint has the ability to completely transform a space. The color of your walls establishes the mood and foundation for your overall design. I like to make spaces feel larger, more open, and airy. I often use whites as the basis for most of my designs, but there is a lot of variation even within whites to personalize your spaces. Warmer whites are a big trend this year. They blend beautifully with rich earth tones for a new updated look. 

TD: When you have an old space, embrace the character and charm and bring out the beauty of those elements by highlighting them. For example, If you have beautiful tile work that is surrounded by dated, worn cabinetry or countertops, swap them out, but keep the tile for an updated look.  

What room do you suggest people to begin their home makeovers in?

BO: Start with the places you like to gather in your home like the kitchen or the living or family room. New rugs, paint and even pretty, styled accessories can give these spaces a quick, affordable facelift. When picking finishes, choose neutral tones that blend well and complement each other. For example, a new subtle tone backsplash with a Moroccan zellige tile adds some interest to your kitchen but doesn’t overpower the space with a busy design. A few small updates can make your spaces feel fresh and new.

TD: If budget allows, the kitchen is always a great place to start. It is the heart of the home and the most important room in the house, so making it a priority never hurts. When it comes to beginning a makeover, it’s very important to always be sure to have a game plan in place from the start. This will help alleviate any disorganization, surprises or re-dos.  

How can people upgrade their appliances to be more energy efficient?

BO: Many of my favorite appliance brands offer Energy Star products that can improve your overall energy consumption in the home. I personally have the Monogram collection in my own home. If you’re considering updating your appliances, consider in investing in a more energy efficient model that will pay off in the long run.

TD: Splurge on energy-efficient appliances during your renovations, because it will save you money in the long run. Investing in new windows also plays a huge part in being more energy-efficient and can help with noise cancellation. 

When designing different rooms of the home, how can people stay organized and what are some of your organization tips in rooms like the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom?

BO: Start by organizing your inspirations for your designs on Pinterest or a saved folder on your phone or computer. Organize them by space and label them with the element that has inspired you. In a kitchen for example, I like to have boards or folders for tile, hardware, counters, cabinetry, and lighting. Then when you see something that you love it’s easy to save it for reference. Create a plan for each space. Measure it out carefully before ordering anything. Don’t be afraid to edit. Less is often more in design. If your remodeling, clear out the clutter and create a simple, clean palette to build on.

TD: The biggest thing that can help with organizing is having the right vessels and containers. Opt for baskets, totes, and bins with lids that are not only functional but also stylish. This helps ensure that everything has a designated place, while keeping the space neat and remaining cohesive with the room design.  

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