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Gardening and Home Decor Tips from “Queer Eye” Star Bobby Berk

Photo: Courtesy of Luke Fontana

Design expert and one of the Emmy-nominated hosts of “Queer Eye,” Bobby Berk, loves surrounding himself with plants and nature.

“I’ve had plants in all my apartments and homes, and I just think they bring so much life to any space and actually, truly make me feel better,” Berk said.

Berk’s plants have moved with him over the years to his homes in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. Calling plants, “an investment to your well-being,” he said every space, big or small, needs at least one plant. 

Sunlight and soil

Berk advised planning before starting a garden. “Do your research and you’ll be good to grow.” He said to consider location, the type of plant you use, and good soil. 

“You really have to pay attention to how the sun moves throughout the entire day and choose a location that gets at least six hours,” Berk said. “Using proper soil is also so important. An in-ground garden needs different soil than a container garden, and succulents and cacti have their own special soil needs, too.”

Photo: Courtesy of A.R.T. Furniture

If you plan to bring plants inside, make sure they get enough light. He recommends choosing “a sunny spot by a window,” but don’t move the plant too much since it needs to get acclimated to its environment. Pay attention to water schedules too. Most plants are dormant in the winter and don’t require as much water as they do during warmer months. 


Berk said good seating can really make you want to spend more time outdoors. He recently purchased new outdoor furniture and a dining table for patio. He explained that once you have those larger pieces, you can fill in the area with potted plants to create a space where you want to hang out.

Art and accessories including pillows, decorative items on a bookshelf, and even plants are the easiest items to swap, according to Berk.

The designer, who chooses soft and comfortable textiles that feel good, loves a neutral look with white, tan, and grays. By sticking to one color palette throughout your home, you can move items room-to-room and “it all still works together.”  


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